I understand that working with someone new can be scary. I hope that these endorsements from past and current clients will help ease your mind.  Still have questions or concerns? Just let me know!

A few words from my clients...

“If I could pick one word to describe Danielle, it would be efficient.  She has high standards for herself and always follows through.  She takes ownership of her projects and completes them quickly with complete accuracy. She is great at establishing structure and organization whether it’s managing a project or sending information in an email.  I trust Danielle with any task I give her!”  – Rachel

“Danielle was creative in her position. I relied on her innovation especially in systems and process creation and revision.  She is an incredibly reliable, self-starting, and driven person. She has a very high level of personal and ethical integrity. She means what she says and follows-through with every commitment. She is also exceptional in analyzing what needs to be done, prioritizing, and executing with efficiency. She provides subtle leadership in these areas, raising the collective game of the team due to her attention to detail and process.”                 
– David, Confidential Company

"You seriously have pushed me to concentrate on my social media situation so much more and it's really what my business needs if it's going to succeed."
-- Calynn

“Danielle got the job done.  She was one of our super stars and very low maintenance.  She required very little guidance and was eager to grow the accounts she managed.  I can assure anyone who works with Danielle that she will get the job done, on time and within budget.  She is resourceful, creative, dependable, accurate, intelligent and a pleasure to work with.” 
- Christine

"I set a personal record for number of sessions shot in a day (unintentionally). I couldn't have kept my head on straight if it weren't for Danielle"
-- Lisa

“Nothing falls through the cracks with Danielle.  She is an amazing person to have on staff for this very reason.  She has a unique ability to see the big picture while also taking care of the tiniest details.  Danielle is one of the most motivated, hard-working people I’ve ever met.  Danielle gets more done in one week than most people get done in a month.  She is kind and easy to get along with.  She is hard working, has a great work ethic, completes all things with excellence, and is a great person to have on a team.” 
– Stephen, Confidential Company

“Studio Eighteen has given me the liberty to delegate many business tasks. I’ve become even stronger in the areas of my business that had been the weakest in the past!  Danielle is intuitive and a great communicator has amazing graphic and design skills, a Virtual Assistant come true!  I plan on hiring Studio Eighteen for many more projects!”

Would you like to benefit from virtual assistance like those above? Send me a message!